Online Human Resources Management Software

Let your clan manage your HRwhile you take care of your business

Employees data management nightmare is over.

With ClanHR your employee data is centralised and up to date. It’s now easy for you and your clan to update and access informations from every team member.

  • Export all your data in 1 click

    And import it for salary processing

  • Works on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

    24/7 - just need an Internet connection

An automated workflow that gives you extra time.

With every hour spent on manual procedures, you could’ve been attending to the needs of your business. ClanHR is a cloud-based software that provides you with a fully integrated system that ensures you have your data updated and keep your workflow running seamlessly.

Autonomous employees +
Informed managers +
Updated HR managers
= A happy clan!

Everything you need, anytime, without effort

Manage days off, absences, representation expenses, and contracts or communicate with your teams. ClanHR empowers your clan with autonomy. Employees can make their own absence requests and register their expenses, managers can approve or deny them on the fly, in a quick and easy way, and HR managers can comfortably send out important communications to your clan. A smooth workflow.

  • Different angles of view

    Calendar, Timetable, List

  • Fast and easy search and filtering

    Find your data in seconds

Go ahead, everything is under control

ClanHR has multiple tools for analysing your business and keeping you updated on what’s needed. Reminders notify you on what need your attention and detailed reports gives you an easy way to analyse and extract your data.

  • In-App and email notifications

    Never forget a request anymore

  • "Pedro’s contract ends in 30 days"

    Reminders are here to let you know

What’s included?

Centralised information
  • Personal and emergency contacts
  • Contracts and Id numbers
  • Job roles and salaries
  • Academic and bank information
  • Cost centres
Days off and absences
  • Vacation counter
  • Day-off request
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Approval workflow
  • Overlapping leave warning
Expenses management
  • Representation expenses requests
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Approval workflow
  • Email and in-app notifications
  • Contracts
  • ID card
  • Absence proof
  • Secured and unlimited storage for employee documents.
Role management
  • Employee
  • Manager
  • HR manager
  • Admin

Everyone accesses what they need !


Organize your clan with a team management system and easily search and filter your data as well as set permissions.

  • Employee data
  • Updated data
  • Days off balance
  • Detailed list of vacations and absences

Simply filter and export what you need.

Company messages

Broadcast any important message to your clan in seconds.


Customise your settings accordingly. With any absence type, holidays and working days.

Tailored pricing for your clan


per employee

per month*

*In case of yearly subscription.

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