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help | 11/11/2016 | Manuel Mendes

First off, Welcome to ClanHR!

There are plenty of ways to start your journey. We suggest you start off with changing the company’s settings, click here to find out how!

If you already changed the settings, there’s plenty more to do, here’s a list of all the articles in our FAQ base. Click the one most relevant to your question.

Where can I change my settings?

How can I add a new employee?

What types of permission exist?

What does each profile see?

Who can add employees?

Where can I store documents?

How can I schedule Days Off/Absences?

What are tags?

What is a “cost centre”?

What are groups?

What reports do I have access to?

What can I do on the “Days off” area (top bar)?

How can I send a message to the whole company?

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact our awesome support team on the footer below!

Happy management!


Manuel Mendes

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