How can I add expenses on ClanHR?

help | 07/02/2017 | Hugo França


Expenses are business costs with meals, travels, or accommodation, first assumed by the employee, and later reimbursed by the company.

Adding expenses on ClanHR

Access the Expenses menu in your profile to add the expense: Expenses menu

Click on the Add Expense button and fill all the necessary information: Add Expense

The request will be set to Pending state and your manager will receive a notification in-app and by email with a review request.

If the expense is approved by the manager, the state of the request will be updated and you’ll receive an email notification:

Email Expenses

Your expense is now registered and approved.

Expenses Search

Just like on the Employee and Absences menu, in the Expenses tab you can also search the existing expenses by applying different filters.

Search Expenses

You can filter by type of expense, state or date and add the filter to the search bar by refining your search for the information you want to see.

Learn more about expenses and the different types of expenses.


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